Harmonia Lily

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A Bit About Harmonia Lily

Our Story

Harmonia Lily name is synonymous with quality, harmony, and elegance.  

A modern twist on vintage designs.

After spending years collecting vintage, Aphrodite knew she wanted to create designs that everyone could get their hands on.  Combined with her love of fashion, interior design, and crafting abilities, she was able to create handcrafted limited edition pieces of work out of New York City.

Harmonia Lily pieces are handmade from start to finish by Aphrodite and her artisan partners using the best quality materials to give you a lasting lifetime of memories. 

Aphrodites goal is to do her very best to ensure a permanent variety of other fantastic items along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit your budget.

In the mean time, be sure to follow along on social media for updates on limited edition handbags and other accessories that are only available here!