Harmonia Lily

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100% HANDCRAFTED - All our bags are painstakingly and meticulously handmade by skilled artisans. The weave is done by artists who have inherited the tradition from generations passed down to them. Each bag is large enough to hold your smart phone, wallet, keys and your partners credit cards too *wink*

FASHIONABLE ACCESSORY - Each handbag comes in a selection of colors and ranges for each outfit all year long! If you're bundled up for a NYC winter or a California beach, you won't go wrong with your unforgettable statement handbag.

Since each bag is handcrafted with natural materials (we don't mass produce here), that means that there will be no two bags exactly alike. The appearance and size may vary slightly due to the materials being used.

You'll have that unique one of a kind piece for years to come!